MYREF REV-C Gainclone Independent Power Supply LM3886 Blank PCB 2pcs

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Designed in the Philippines

The core of the circuit is a revision C schematic of Myref by Mauro Penasa.

Most Myref designs on the market always feature a built in linear power supply section which might not be the best option for this amplifier. We provide a PCB design that gives you independence to attach a power supply that you prefer to use.

Shunt voltage regulator powers the LM318 IC. There is also a provision on the PCB where you can attach an optional +/-15V DC header if you like to use an external power supply.

Other features:
- The PCB includes speaker protection circuit.
- Jumper is added to bypass the input capacitor, so you can short the input cap and series your own exotic cap in the input terminal without disassembling the module.

Quality solder joints are very important to achieve optimum performance, so the builder should be highly skilled in soldering and should have an experience in building DIY amplifiers.

Package Includes
2 pcs Myref Rev-C Mono Blank PCB Version 1.1
Blank PCB only, no soldered parts.
BOM and schematic via email.

Through hole parts for easy assembly.
PCB Size: 2.1" x 5"

Supply Voltage: ±28V up to ±30V DC
Speaker Protect Voltage: 15-0V fast collapsing DC or 24V AC
Output Power (RMS): 40W @ 8Ω, 60W @ 4Ω
Voltage gain: 30
Input sensitivity: 600 mVrms
THD 1kHz 8R: 0.0008**% to 0.0027% (1W to 40W)
Load impedance: 4Ω to 8Ω
Overcurrent /short protection: Yes*
Speaker Protection: Yes
Over/under voltage protection: No
Overheat protection: No

**might be lower than QA400 measuring equipment capability.
*SPiKe protection (see LM3886 datasheet)