SKA GB150D Class-AB Mosfet Amplifier Blank PCB 2pcs

$10.00 USD

Package Includes
2 pcs SKA GB150D Version 3 mono blank PCB
BOM and Schematic soft copy via email

Dedicated source resistor for each output mosfet for better current sharing.
Temp tracking transistors mounted on top of output mosfets.
5W vertical resistors for mosfet source and zobel.
Large capacitor footprint for bootstrap cap.
Polystyrene / silvered mica footprint for C2 and C3.
Wima footprint for zobel cap
Uses BCE pinout small signal TO-92 transistors

Recommended Supply Voltage: ± 35V to ± 50V DC
Output power (± 50V regulated, < 1% THD): 150W at 4Ω or 8Ω
Voltage gain: 28
Input sensitivity: 1V RMS for 100W at 8Ω
Input impedance: 27K Ω || 330pf
Load impedance: 4 ohms or 8 ohms
Idle Dissipation: ~11W at ± 50V DC
THD 1kHz, 8 ohms load: 0.025% (100W), ~0.01XXX% Typical
PCB Size: 2.2" x 5.9"
Overcurrent /short protection: Fuse only
Over/under voltage protection: No
Overheat / temp protect: No
Speaker Protect: No

For audiophile home use
Best amp for bright sounding speakers

Assembly Note: AGND ground plane should be wired directly to speaker ground.