Stereo Speaker Protection Circuit Blank PCB 2pcs

$6.00 USD

A relay based, speaker protection blank PCB with low parts count and low footprint. It can be used with stereo amplifier with up to 500W output power.

It has a 2s power up delay to prevent turn-on pops from the amplifier.

Extra safety feature: The speaker pin of the relay is shorted to ground when the relay is off. So in an event when there's a fault on the amplifier, any DC arc that might form in the relay contacts will be redirected to ground instead of going into the speaker.

Package Includes
2 pcs Speaker Protect Blank PCB
BOM and Schematic soft copy.

Through hole, common parts for easy assembly.
Heavy duty faston tab connectors
Time delay IC: NE555
PCB Size: 2.2" x 3"