IRCore350M ±65V 350W 4Ω Mono High Power Class-D Amplifier

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350W IRS2092 based mono class-d amplifier, ideal for full range setups.

Input is single ended and uses OPA1692 input opamp buffer.

Uses dedicated voltage regulators in the analog supply section.

Uses Infineon OptiMos(TM) for the output mosfets. Can produce double the output current at 4 ohms load compared with the reference design with no performance penalty.

Package Includes
1pc assembled and tested mono module.
Instruction manual via email

Supply Voltage: ±25V to ±65V DC
Power ±65V (<1% THD): 180W @ 8Ω
Power ±65V (<1% THD): 350W @ 4Ω
Voltage gain: 20
Input sensitivity: 1.5V RMS
Input impedance: 10K Ω
Load impedance: 4Ω or 8Ω
Idle dissipation: ~6W at ± 65V DC
PCB area: 114mm x 85mm
Overcurrent /short protection: Yes
Speaker Protection: No
Over/under voltage protection: No
Overheat protection: No
Input Opamp: OPA1692

Recommended Power Supply (not included)
Split rail 45V to 65V DC 600W

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