Sylph-D200 TPA3255 Stereo (Ready to Run) Amplifier Module

$130.00 USD - $170.00 USD


ATS Heatsink stock ETA is on September 2021. (black heatsink on picture)


Mid-power chip-based class-D amplifier with the best upgrades and layout optimizations.

Uses TPS7A49 ultralow-noise linear post regulator for TPA3255's xVDD supplies. And another TPS7A49 and TPS7A30 for the opamp buffers.

A split supply is used in the opamp buffer section in order to remove the 4 pcs input DC blocking caps in the audio input signal path. The negative rail for opamp supply is being generated on-board. Each opamp has a separate bulk capacitance on its positive and negative rails.

The analog input can accept full balanced or single ended signals which can be configured by a solder jumper under the PCB. The output is 2 channel, stereo BTL configuration. SE input is enabled by default unless otherwise requested.

Includes transient voltage protection 62V SCR which will fail short in overvoltage scenarios. TVS diode for power supply surge protection, and will normally fail short when an accidental reverse polarity is applied.

Use of oversized capacitors and resistors for the zobel network to ensure reliable operation in PFFB mode.

Use of bulk capacitance in AVDD and GVDD supplies for improvements in sound quality.

Use of voltage supervisor IC to avoid large turn on-off pops or clicks.

The board has a passive PFFB configuration from slaa788a. PFFB is disabled by default and can be enabled/disabled by the user through a solder jumper under the PCB.

Input coupling caps layout can accomodate to 7.5 x 7.5mm, 5mm pitch poly caps.

Capacitor for PVDD is either United Chemi-con KZN Series or Panasonic FC series whichever is available.

Main Parts Used
Bulk caps: 4 * 1500uF, 63V
O/P inductors: AGP / VER2923-682KL
Input coupling caps: Elna Silmic II
Buffer Opamps: OPA1656 or NJM4580
The module is compatible with ATS-TI1OP-519-C1-R3 heatsink used in TI EVM.

New power selection:
Option A) Low power PFFB configuration requires 36V DC power supply.
Option B) High power PFFB configuration requires 45V DC power supply.
Default is option B unless otherwise requested.

Package Includes
1 pc Sylph-D200 stereo Ready to Run module.
6 pc female faston tab connector.
2 pc female 2.54 mm 3 pin connector.

Specifications (Updated July 28, 2021)
Supply Voltage: 30V DC min to 50V DC max
Recommended Supply (Low Power): 36V to 38V DC
Recommended Suppy (High Power): 42V to 45V DC
Power (< 1% THD+N, 45V Supply): 80W-8Ω, 160W-4Ω
Power (< 1% THD+N, 36V Supply): 40W-8Ω, 80W-4Ω
Input sensitivity - SE (PFFB disabled): 1.3V RMS
Input sensitivity - SE (PFFB enabled): 2.6V RMS
Input sensitivity - Balanced (PFFB disabled): 2.6V RMS
Input sensitivity - Balanced (PFFB enabled): 5.2V RMS
Input impedance: 10K Ω
Input configuration: SE / Balanced (solder jumper)
Load impedance: 4Ω or 8Ω
Idle dissipation: ~7W at 45V DC
Footprint: 150mm x 100mm x 45mm (L * W * H)
Number of PCB Layers: 2 layer copper
Overcurrent /short protection: Yes
Over voltage protection: Yes
Overheat protection: Yes
Turn on-off pop suppression: Yes
Gross packed weight: 600g

Recommended Power Supply
- Low Power PFFB: 36V DC
- High Power PFFB: 45V DC
- Single supply SMPS 350W or higher.
- MicroAudio / Connex / Meanwell
- Fosc preferrably should be ≥ 100kHz
- Can operate without burst mode on ~5W load, some LLC type SMPS will produce buzzing coil sound at idle on burst mode.
- Do not use dual output types

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