Tectonic-D500 4Ω 500W Mono Class-D Subwoofer Amp Module

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Successor to JLA-250D. Compact amplifier module designed for subwoofer and high power applications (Input and output can accept full range 20Hz to 20kHz).

The module is designed to be retrofitted in the power amp section of a busted plate amp or an old power amp.

Capable of high current output without the aggressive limiter / protections found in other class-d implementations. No feeling of restrained performance and will drive the subwoofer to its max duties.

It uses flat wire, high current, low loss ferrite core o/p filter inductor.

Housekeeping supplies are already integrated so only the main split power supply is required.

Can be easily mounted on any type of heatsink or plate-amps. Requires only 3 to 4 drilling holes.

Each Tectonic-D500 is tested and quality checked before shipping to guarantee a fault-free product.

Package Includes
1 pc assembled and tested mono module without heatsink.
Documentation via email

Ruggedized design for subwoofer applications.
Can be retrofitted with most subwoofer plate-amps that uses split power supply.

Supply Voltage: selectable configuration
Output Power (± 70V DC): 500W-4Ω
Output Power (± 50V DC): 400W-2Ω
1kHz THD+N: less than 0.05% at 420W 4Ω
Voltage gain: 27x
Input sensitivity: 1.7V RMS
Input impedance: 4.4K Ω
Load impedance: 2Ω to 8Ω**
Idle dissipation: ~5W at ± 70V DC
PCB area: 110mm*60mm*40mm (L * W * H)
Overcurrent /short protection: Yes
Speaker Protection*: No
Over voltage protection: No

*Speaker protection is mandatory for any amp (not included).
**Use correct voltage rails (o/p mosfets selection will depend on voltage selected)

Recommended Power Supply
- LLC type SMPS is recommended
- Dual output ± 60V to 75V 600W for 4Ω load
- Dual output ±45V to 55V 600W for 2Ω load
- Add minimum of 2200uF per rail to avoid bus pumping. (Specially if power supply doesn't have bulk caps on its output)

2Ω to 4Ω subwoofers
Retrofitting existing amplifiers, can be used as a full range amp
Karaoke / Videoke / Jukebox

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