TICore260BTL Stereo TPA3255 PFFB Post Filter Feedback Class-D Partial Kit

$55.00 USD - $98.00 USD Sold Out

High performance TPA3255 post filter feedback implementation based on SLAA788A application note. Improves THD+N performance by up to -6dB and improves frequency response on different load impedances.

Uses Infineon's OptiReg TLS205B0 24 µVRMS, linear post regulator for 12V supply, which produces clean and quiet power for the input opamps and low noise floor for a TPA3255 based module.

Designed for use with Coilcraft VER2923-103KL flat wire, low loss inductors to get the most out of the TPA3255's THD+N performance. The output inductors run cool and dissipate very little heat on idle even when the module is powered with 51V supply.

The analog input can accept full balanced or single ended signals which can be configured by a solder jumper under the PCB. The output is 2 channel, stereo BTL configuration.

A separate voltage supervisor IC is used to mute the amp in power on, and power off sequences to remove on-off pops inherent in TPA3255 chip.

Includes transient voltage protection: this is useful for vehicle mobile audio where a 12V to 48V DC-DC boost converter is being used to power the amplifier. Some boost converters output high voltages when they fail, so overvoltage protection is useful in those applications. Also useful for linear power supplies without surge protection and places where mains AC fluctuations are present.

Use of oversized capacitors and resistors for the PFFB zobel network to ensure reliable operation.

PFFB can be enabled / disabled by solder jumpers under the PCB.

THD Performance (10uH + 1uF and 48V DC)
5W 8Ω: 0.0006% THD
10W 8Ω: 0.0008% THD
5W 4Ω: 0.0012% THD
10W 4Ω: 0.0014% THD

Output Integrated Noise:
(A-Weighted) = 30 uVrms

Other high-end design considerations include:
ENIG immersion gold plating PCB surface finish.
Electrolytic caps for each opamp's supply.
Ample spacing in-between the output inductors.
Lots of upgrade possibilities.

Each partially assembled module passes through quality tests before shipping out to guarantee a fault free product.

Package Includes
1 pc stereo BTL PFFB module.
6 pc female faston tab connector.
2 pc female 2.54 mm 3 pin connector.
2 pc compatible heatsink screws and washers.

Recommended Voltage: 48V DC
Output Power (1% THD+N): 110W-8Ω, 220W-4Ω
Voltage gain: 10.9x (~21dB)
Input sensitivity: 2.7V RMS
Input impedance: 10K Ω
Input configuration: SE / Balanced input jumper
Load impedance: 4Ω or 8Ω
Idle dissipation: 4W at 48V DC
Footprint: 148mm x 100mm x 55mm (L * W * H)
Number of PCB Layers: 2 layer copper
Overcurrent /short protection: Yes
Over voltage protection: Yes
Overheat protection: Yes
Turn on-off pop suppression: Yes
Gross packed weight: 250g

Other Specs
Transient voltage protection: 53V TVS + 62V SCR
Zobel network values: 1Ω + 220nF
Compatible Heatsink: ATS-TI1OP-519-C1-R3
Compatible Inductors: VER2923, 7G23A, 7G17A

Recommended Power Supply (NOT INCLUDED)
- Single supply SMPS 48V DC, 400W or higher.
- Fosc should be ≥ 100kHz
- Should be able to handle large load capacitance
and should normally operate on light load (~5W).

Mean Well SE-450-48

-- Options --

Option A (55 USD)
- Partially assembled and tested
- See attached picture

Option B (84 USD)
- with Coilcraft VER2923-103KL
- See attached picture

Option C (98 USD)
- with Coilcraft VER2923-103KL
- includes 2 pcs OPA1656 on
SOIC-8 to DIP-8 adapter ENIG PCB

Option D (69 USD)
- Option A with 2 pcs OPA1656 on
SOIC-8 to DIP-8 adapter ENIG PCB

Option A module will be completed and will be ready to run after these parts are installed.
- 2pc opamps: OPA1656 + adapter
- 1pc heatsink: ATS-TI1OP-519-C1-R3
- 4pc tank caps: EEU-FC1J182
- 4pc output inductors: VER2923-103KL
- Thermal Grease: Arctic MX2 or better

Notes on Input Sensitivity
2.7Vrms is needed to drive the amp into near clipping condition (1% THD).
A 1Vrms input can fill a small room with loud music.

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