Soft Start Inrush Current Limiter External Power Supply Blank PCB 2pcs

$6.00 USD

Can be used for any load that requires limiting of inrush current such as radiator fans, amplifier transformers, etc.

Will make the pressure switch of an RV water pump last longer by preventing dc arcs across its contacts.

Relay current rating is 30 Amperes (12V or 24V DC), 1HP (120VAC), 1/2HP (230VAC). Good for motors requiring primary resistor as inrush current limiter.

Max 250ms delay.

Package Includes
2 pcs Softstart Circuit Blank PCB
BOM and schematic via email

Through hole parts for easy assembly.
Requires 12V or 24V AC or DC supply
NE-555 Timer based fast reset circuit
Faston tab heavy duty contacts
Relay type T90
PCB Size: 2" x 4"